Our Services


DKR Audit&Consultancy provides auditing services for the below-mentioned areas pursuant to the International Audit Standards (IASs):

Auditing activities pursuant to the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs),
Independent audit services,
Special audit services provided in case of transfers, mergers and demergers,
Risk assessment and control services
Sectoral analyses and studies for determining the place of a company in a specific sector,
Other subjects that may be requested (Evaluation of company assets for the company that would be acquired or entered as partner),
Conducting and reporting of financial audits pursuant to the generally-accepted audit standards as part of the International Accounting Standards and the Turkish Tax Legislation,
Preparation of special reports upon request of company officials (Limited audits and reportings),
Profitability and Productivity Audit,
Credit-worthiness and Lending Practices Audit,
Audit for the Transfer, Acquisition and Valuation of Company,
Other Special-purpose Audits